wantWeave Family journal offers a number of stories like the following one: Curbing the "I want" Syndrome where Helen Lee begins "I live in a house with three sons, 10 years old and younger, which means that our home is a veritable museum for all things Star Wars. Lego minifigures of Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader appear perched in all manner of random places, and we have enough Star Wars-related books, lightsabers, and DVDs scattered throughout our house to make George Lucas proud... read more at their site!   

I sometimes wonder about the value system that today’s affluent culture is passing on to the young in such a prosperous time.  But I am heartened to know that in spite of the materialism of the culture surrounding them, my grandchildren are all good kids and I have the highest hopes for them all.  Although I am grateful for the lessons of frugality I gained during my childhood, I would not wish for them the same deprivations.

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Six Seeds Six Seeds began with one family attempting to instill the values of generosity, hard work, and service in the midst of busy lives. John and Jean Kingston, who live in the Boston area, found raising their four children more complicated than their own parents’ efforts many years ago. Today, children live with more “stuff,” choices, media options and demands on their time than ever before.

Barth SmithRead the attached letter from Barth Smith to his grandson. Part of J. Paul and Marilyn Turner's Center for Lifestory writing.  letter_to_porter5.pdf   

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Guidelines for Interviewing a Family to discover their faith story

The following guidelines were developed based on chapter 15 of Diana Garland's book Family Ministry: A Comprehensive Guide (InterVarsity Press, 1999)

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A Deeper Family   A Deeper Family Blog Site offers stories covering families and faith 

Faithful or Family Stories

  • Interviews and invitations to family or intergenerational testimonies
  • Stories of Faithfulness under trial or celebration

Huffington Post for Parents    The Good, the Bad and the Filtered: Truth About My Postpartum Life

Clarie Bidwell Smith's Huffington Post article addressing the struggle of postpartum depression