Finding Your Faith at Home

Resources to find and name grace in your household

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Fashioning a Household Covenant

Guidelines to develop a family covenant for spiritual growth

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Forming Faithful Homes

Ideas and practices to guide your home into increasing faithfulness

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Connecting Households of Faith

Strategies that connect homes to churches, communities, and each other

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We believe it is time for the church to come alongside families and equip them to bring Christ into the center of their home, making every light on the hill a Christ centered home lighting the community for the world to see.  Faithful Homes begins with the assumption that God's grace is at work in homes, often in ways we do not immediately recognize.

Once we can find and name the grace already at work we can then seek to form our families into more faithful households by both building on strengths and addressing specific challenges. Our hope is that homes will then fashion a specific household covenant that will guide the family toward a deeper Christlike relationship both within and through the home. We also seek to connect different homes to each other and to the local churches, creating a larger, inter-generational ministry in local "households of faith" known as congregations.

We believe that the church and home share a "symbiotic" (or life-giving) relationship much like an expectant mother and her child in the womb. Congregations and families need each other for vital and vibrant spiritual life. We invite families, ministers, and others to explore this site as a portal to a number of resources that may be explored and tailored for the local home and the local household of faith. To encourage homes in this journey we also hope to include stories of family faithfulness, revealing how God's grace works in homes regardless of their challenges.

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